Wednesday, February 4, 2009


My first blog award ever!!! Amber sent it to me almost a week ago. You know I am a new blogger and it's took me that long to figure out what to do with it.
Okay my seven favorite things would have to be:
1. Cameron, my little boy
2. Jason, my husband
3. All my other family and friends
4. Any kind of craft stuff
5. Books I've not read yet
6. My pets (Ozzie, Sammie, Bailey,& Jethro are my dogs. Sassy and Dora are my cats)
7. Days off

I love Valentine's Day cards. They are always so pretty. It must have something to do with all that pink and hearts. I used card kits that I bought last year. They are from Paper Magic Group Crafts. Everything was included that you would need. I used the kits to make 8 different cards.

Bonnie sent me some more blog awards. Yeah!!

Bonnie's blog awards included going to your picture file and picking your 6Th picture and telling about it. Well, here is mine. This is a picture of Cameron and me. He was 14 months old in this picture. This is before we bought our house, so this picture was taken in our apartment. I always joke saying that I am never in any pictures because I am always the one taking them. This day I wanted a picture of me and Cameron together. We are sitting in the floor of our kitchen. You can see the stove behind us. I held out the camera and took the picture.


  1. Cameron was so little then! Can't believe how he's grown! He's a cutie pie! Your Valentine cards turned out great! And I'm so glad you figured out what to do with awards...I think you knew all along and were just being stubborn:)

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